Western Style Room C / Handycap Room

We provide only one room available for people with disabilities. The capacity is 2 people. It’s on the first floor.
This room prioritizes people with disabilities (wheelchair users) , so we would like people with normal health to use Western Style Room B.
We would like to prioritize this room for people with disabilities.
We would like you to understand our purpose and refrain from making a reservation if you are healthy.
People with disabilities (wheelchair users) can make a reservation online.

We provide restrooms for wheelchair users on the first floor as well (between the front desk and the room)
You can go to the large public bath room on the first basement floor by elevator, but please be careful for a small step
(From Entrance to Dressing room: about 8 cm, from Dressing room to Bath room: about 12 cm)
We offer a parking area for wheelchair users at the front entrance.
Auxiliary dogs can enter our facilities.
The capacity is 2 people. If there are more than 3 people, it will be devided into 2 rooms.
In that case, we would like you to understand that the other rooms are on the second floor or higher.