ROOMRoom Charge


Private /Family room :  3,800 JPY/person

Dormitory room (Male-female divided ) : 3,300 JPY/person
500 yen discount with children from ages 4 to 15.

(500 yen discount for YH Member, Air-conditioning, Bed sheets, tax included)

We adopt prepayment method, so you should pay at check-in. (Credit card available)

If you issue a membership card, you can use it inside and outside Japan. We highly recommend it because there are also discounts for transportation and art museums.


There are no restrooms, baths or washrooms in every room, but they are shared. There is a TV in every room.

Smoking is prohibited in the building and on the premises. Thank you for your understanding in advance.


You can make a booking from 90 days before your arrival.
You can make a reservation through online reservation form until 2 days before your arrival.

Western Style Room A (Twin) with 2 people

In off-season, we could offer this room as a Single Room.

Western Style Room B (Single) with 2 people

This room could be used as a Twin Room by adding an extra bed.

Japanese Style Room A (8 tatami-mat size) with 3~4 people

The idle capacity of this room would be 3 adults, or 4 guests including 2 kids.

Japanese Style Room A (12 tatami-mat size) with 4~6 people

The idle capacity of this room would be 4-5 adults, or 6 guests including kids.

Dormitory room  (male-female divided,   Western Style Room D)

Western style room is usually used for dormitory  (male-female divided) . However, depending on our room availability, you can use this room for your private room (Group/Family room) with 3-5 people.
In this case, the room charge will be 3800 yen per person (same as private room).
*We provide rooms for wheelchair users and people with disabilities. Please click here for more information.


Public phone, One Desktop (Free Internet)
WiFi, Vending machines, TV

Dining room

The space for breakfast service. Available as a chatting room.


Refrigerator, Microwave, Electromagnetic cooker, Basic kitchen wear, Water heater

Bath Room

Male-female divided. Open 3PM – 8AM
Body soap, Shampoo,Hair dryer

Shower Room

Open 3PM – 10AM
Body soap, Shampoo


Laundry machine(300yen/once), Dryer(100yen/30min), Detergent(40yen),
Electric iron, Trouser press(Free)