Are the rooms shared (dormitory style)?

Sapporo International Youth Hostel has more private rooms, but there are also shared rooms.
It’s a male-female devided room with a single bed for four (or five) people.
We offer a locker with a key and a TV in each room.
There are no restrooms or bath rooms in each room but you can use the shared bath room and restroom.
A private room is available for family members and same-sex friends.
There are various rooms; Japanese-style , Western-style , and twin.
Moreover, a man and a woman before marriage cannot share the same room because of the nature of the youth hostel.
We would like you to understand that we will guide you to a shared room whch is male-female devided.

I’m a single traveler, do you have a single room?

We have some single rooms. As in other rooms, there are no bathrooms or restrooms in the room.
Depending on the schedule, we prepare a twin room for single use.
The difference between a youth hostel and a hotel or a Japanese inn is that people can have a place to interact with each other.
We higly recommend you to take this opportunity to experience a shared room.

I’m going with my family. Do you have a family room? And how much does it cost per child?

We are able to prepae a family room . As in other rooms, there are no bathrooms or restrooms in the room.
The fee for children from ages 4 to 15 is 3300 yen. We also provide a charge for unused futon.
Children under 3 years old are free if they don’t use futon. (3300 yen if using futon)

What time should I enter in the youth hostel by?

Check-in is from 15:00 to 23:00. Please be aware that it takes more than an hour from New Chitose Airport to YH.
However, you can keep your luggage and park your car even before your check-in.
Also, if you call the front desk, you can enter the room which is already cleaned up.
Checkout is from 6:00 to 10:00. (Please consult us for an earlier checkout)
The curfew after your check-in is 24:00. Although we’re afraid that some customers may feel inconvenient, we beliebe we have valued the significance of the youth hostel, which allows young people to stay safely.
We would like you to understand we provide peace of mind for families who are worried about your single traveling.

What time can I take a bath?

From 15:00 to 8:00 AM. The shower room is available until 10:00 AM.

Do you have towels and beddings in the room?

Please bring your own toiletries and sleepwear. (There is a drugstore and convenience store within a 5-minute walk.)
We provide shampoo and rinse in the bathroom.

Goods for rent
↓ Trouser presse, iron, alarm clock, dryer
(We lend them only when you want to use. We equip a dryer with Bath room)

↓ We also sell toiletries.
Example … Toothbrush set: 50 yen, Razor: 50 yen, Face Towel: 200 yen
Hand Towel: 100 yen, Garbage Bag (45 L): 100 yen, Hair Brush: 100 yen
1 night stay set including beauty lotion: 300 yen, etc.

I’d like to do some laundry, do you have a laundromat?

We have a coin laundry, so please use it. (300 yen for 1 time), Drying machine: 30 minutes 100 yen, Detergent: 40 yen
There is also a laundry within a 3-minute walk.

Refrigerators, Vending Machines, and Cigarettes

There are shared kitchen, refrigerator, microwave and toaster. Please manage the contents of the refrigerator by yourself by writing your name.
There are juice and beer vending machines on each floor. There is a hot water supply room on each floor.
Smoking is prohibited in the entire building and premises.
Supermarkets and convenience stores are within a 5-minute walk. You can’t eat in your room, so please eat in the dining room.

I will arrive in Sapporo early in the morning. Can I leave my luggage before my check-in?

The front desk is open from 6:00 AM, so if you come by, we can keep it for you.
If you leave your car in the parking lot, please call the front desk.
The subway fare from Sapporo Station and Odori to Gakuenmae Station, where YH is located, is 210 yen.
It’s 420 yen for a round trip and it is the same as a locker fare, so we hope you consider you leave your baggage in our hostel.

I’m going to Sapporo for an exam. do you have a place for study?

You are allowed to feel free to use the tables and chairs in the dining room.
It’s about a 5-minute walk to Hokkai Gakuen, so we hope it’s perfect to you.

I have a lot of luggage, so I would like to send it to YH. Is it possible?

Please send it to us on the day of your stay or the day before your arrival.
There are a lot of mistakes such as the destination, so please specify when you will be staying in the invoice.
(For a group, the name of the representative at the time of reservation, and for a large party, the name of the party)
Also, we are sure that you let us know that you will send the package when you make a reservation.
Our YH also handles courier services, so please use them. (Kuroneko Yamato)

Is there a place accessible to the Internet ?

The rooms and lobby are equipped with WiFi.

You can also connect to the Internet from the public PC in the lobby.

Do you have a conference room or a gymnasium?

We don’t have a conference room, but you can have a discussion at the dining room.
There is a conference room and a mini sports room at the Sapporo International Student Center in the attached building.
Please refer to the introduction page of the conference room for more information.[to Japanese] (Slippers are required to use the mini sports room.)
It is also a 10 minute walk to the Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center (Kitayell).

Can I stay without a reservation?

If there are rooms available, you can stay. However, we’re afraid it will be a waste of time to come to our YH without a reservation. So, you should contact us on the day. In principle, you need to make a reservation for a youth hostel. Please contact us as much as possible because we have any preparations. We can prepare breakfast for the next day if you make a reservation by 9:00 PM.

I made a online reservation, but I haven’t received a reply.

Due to various circumstances, we may not be able to reply immediately. We would like you to understand that.
If you do not receive a reply after 3 days, your email address may be incorrect or there may be a system problem.
Please send it again or call us to confirm.
In that case, please let us know that you made a reservation on the internet (for the doubled reservation).

I’ll stay in Sapporo for a long time, so I would like to stay for several nights. Is it possible?

If there are rooms available, you can stay for a long time. If there is a day when the rooms are full, you need to check out.
Also, please be aware that you may have to change rooms on the way.
Depending on the season, we offer a discount on the accommodation fee. Please contact us directly.

I heard youth hostels adopt a membership system. Can anyone stay there? Can a Japanese person do it?

Anyone can stay. Youth hostels adopt a membership system in principle, but non-members can also stay there. (Identification card is required instead of a membership card)
Also, our hostel is a public youth hostel, so non-members can stay at the same rate as members.
Youth hostels are originally designed for young people to travel safely and cheaply, but have no age limit.
Anyone who loves traveling, from children to the elderly, can stay.
Membership registration is also available at our YH. The fee is the same, but most YHs charge a visitor fee for non-members.
Some hostels in foreign countries don’t allow non-members to stay.

What is a youth hostel?

YOUTH HOSTEL is a global “inn for travelers” network that originated in Germany about 100 years ago. There are currently about 4000 YHs in the world, about 220 in Japan, and 31 in Hokkaido.
The youth hostel movement was started in 1909 by a German elementary school teacher, Richard Silman. It has spread to the world as a travel inn where young people can freely interact with each other without being discriminated against by country, race, color, gender, religion or status.
It is also made in Japan to let many young people travel safely even for 1 night, and the accommodation fee is around 3,000 yen per night (4,500 yen for 2 meals), which is very economical. Rooms are basically unisex rooms for four to eight people so that travelers can deepen their interaction, but there are private rooms such as family rooms. Every youth hostel has a lounge where people can exchange information and spend a meaningful time.
At Sapporo International Youth Hostel, members and non-members pay the same charge, but most other YHs charge a visitor fee. We are looking forward to your membership registration as it also means to participate in the youth hostel movement so that travelers from all over the world can continue to expand their experiences. The membership card is universal and valid for YHs in any country. Membership registration is also available at our YH.

I heard youth hostels have many rules.

There were some YHs which prohibited drinking in the past, but now the atmosphere has changed considerably along with the change of times. Many YHs now allow drinking alcohol and most of the meetings are sightseeing information.
However, we have valued emotional contact among travelers.
Sapporo International YH has no meeting, but opens the dining room. The curfew is from 0:00 to 6:00. Beer is sold at the vending machine in the building, but cigarettes are not sold.

I can’t decide if having breakfast.

We are sorry, but, we do not currently serve breakfast.

I want to go to that famous restaurant! How can I get there?

If you tell me the name and address of the restaurant, I will guide you at the front desk.
Sapporo ekibus navi
The directions are displayed on the website above, so please use it. The nearest station to our YH is Gakuenmae Station on the Toho Subway Line (1 minute walk).

I would like to eat delicious food in Sapporo. Where are the shops?

It’s right in the center of Sapporo. This neighborhood, which connects Sapporo, Odori and Susukino from the north and Ekimae-dori Street to the south, is the center of Sapporo.
There are many good restaurants here. Do you know Susukino? It’s a red-light district. But there are not only bars but also cafes.
Hosui Susukino Station is the next station from Gakuenmae, but it takes 30 minutes on foot because it is unexpectedly far.
Also, as in any town, there are out-of-the-way shops in the suburbs. Sapporo is a very big city, so please be careful because it takes more than an hour from one end to the other.
Check-in time is also until 11:00 PM, so you can be there in plenty of time after dinner. Please enjoy the gourmet food of Sapporo in the town.

You don’t serve dinner. Are there any restaurants nearby?

We don’t serve dinner for guests staying in Sapporo, as many of them go downtown by subway and enjoy delicious food in Sapporo.
There are many small Teishokuya (restaurant with only set meals) around YH because it is a residential area.
▽Various shops within walking distance from YH
Teishokuya, restaurants, fast food, etc.
・Triton Toyohira (It is a popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Sapporo. 4 minutes’ walk)
・Victoria Station (It’s a steak chain. 8-minute walk)
・MOS Burger (It’s a hamburger chain. 4-minute walk)
・Teishokuya Komesu (3 minutes’ walk. There are several small side dishes. If you order the rice set, you can have rice, barley rice and miso soup as much as you like.)
・Family Restaurant (Teishoku, ramen, and yakisoba. 3-minute walk)
Italian French
・Fleur de Olive (A French restaurant in front of Gakuen Station. 1 minute walk from YH)
Ramen ・ Soba ・ Udon
・Fukuhachi (A ramen restaurant located in Toko Store which is a 4 minute walk away. The ankake is delicious.)
・Kisoba Kogane Sapporo (4-minute walk)
・Sakurakura (2 minutes on foot, rich type)
・It is a 6 minute walk from the Fukyo-do. I recommend dipping noodles)
coffee shop
・Miyakoshiya Coffee Toyohira (It’s a famous chain coffee shop. 4-minute walk)
▽You can use the dining room and the self-catering room, so you can also buy it at a nearby supermarket or convenience store.
There are Toko Store, Family Mart, Seven-Eleven and Seiko Mart within a 5-minute walk.
(Eating and drinking are not allowed in the room, so please go to the dining room.)