From Sapporo City – Access

From Sapporo City

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    Get on the Toho line.

    Take the subway line nearby.
    If you are near Sapporo Station, Odori Station or Susukino Station, take the Toho Line instead of the Namboku Line.
    (The Namboku Line and the Toho Line run in parallel at these three stations.)
    Sapporo ekibus navi
    In ↑, Enter the starting point at the starting point and enter “Gakuen-mae” at the destination to search!
    Please go out from exit 2 for the ticket gate in front of Gakuen.
    When you get out of the ticket gate on the north side, there is a map in front of you, so it is safe to check the location of YH.
    (If you get off the subway and take the escalator to the first floor, you will get to the north ticket gate.)
    If you go out other than Exit 2, it will be easier to understand if you go back to the subway station even if it is troublesome.

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    From Gakuenmae Station, Subway Toho Line to YH

    It is a map in front of the north ticket gate.

  3. There is a 11 story building in the interior of the bicycle parking when you go out of the second exit and turn back (Sapporo International Student Center).
    And a 4 story building in the interior of the Center is YH.