(2)From New Chitose Airport Bus Terminal – Access

New Chitose Airport Bus Terminal→Bus stop Fukuzumi Station→Toho Line Fukuzumi Station→Toho LineGakuenmae Station→YH 1350 yen

It’s the clearest way.

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    Go to Fukuzumi Station (H14)

    It takes about 10 minutes between JR Sapporo Station and Subway Toho Line Sapporo Station, and it’s quite hard to find.
    I recommend this to those who are not confident in their sense of direction.
    If you take a bus, we recommend you to come by JR and subway in winter because traffic conditions are bad and you may be late.
    Please take a bus bound for Sapporo Miyakoshin. Platform numbers are 13 (ANA side) and 24 (JAL side).
    New Chitose Airport Terminal Building website
    When you go out of the arrival lobby, there is a bus information center in front of you, so please buy a ticket there. It’s 1100 yen.
    It is a joint operation of Hokuto Kotsu and Chuo Bus. The tickets are common.
    Hokuto Kotsu Airport Communication Bus Page/Chuo Bus Airport Communication Bus Page
    Get off at Fukusumi Subway Station. It depends on the bus, but most of them are the first bus stop after getting off the highway, so please be careful.
    Get off at the bus terminal and go straight to the subway station.
    The fare to Gakuenmae Station is 250 yen, so please buy a ticket at the ticket machine.
    The subway runs every 5 minutes, so you don’t need to check the time.
    A convenient link for those who want to check just in case → Sapporo ekibus navi

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    Go to Gakuenmae Station (H10).

    Fukuzumi Station (H 14) on the Toho Subway Line is the last stop, so please take the subway that is coming. The fourth station is Gakuen-mae Station (H 10).
    The boarding time is 7 minutes.
    Please go out from exit 2 for the ticket gate in front of Gakuen.
    When you get out of the ticket gate, there is a map in front of you, so it is safe to check the location of YH.
    If you go out exit 2 and turn around, there’s an 11-story building at the back of the bike shed.
    Yes, there is. The four-story building hidden behind is YH.
    Photo from a subway station