From New Chitose Airport – Access

(1)Shin-Chitose Airport Station – JR Sapporo Station – Toho Line Sapporo Station (H07) – Toho Line Gakuen-mae Station (H 10) – YH 1360 yen

It is the most reliable way because it uses JR.

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    Go to JR Sapporo Station.

    If you go out of the arrival lobby, there is a guide to JR ticket gate nearby.
    From there, take Rapid Airport bound for Sapporo. The fastest is 36 minutes and 1150 yen.
    JR convenient link → Yahoo! route information
    New Chitose Airport Terminal Website

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    How to get from JR Sapporo Station to the ticket gate of Sapporo Station (H07) on the Toho Line

    There is a guide board from JR Sapporo Station to the ticket gate of Subway Toho Line, but it is a little hard to find.
    It will take a little less than 10 minutes.
    It’s in the direction of Esta, so go to Esta.
    The image color of Toho Line is blue, so there is a blue guide.
    To get to the JR ticket gate, please go out the east exit.
    After exiting the ticket gate, take the escalator (stairs) to the right in front of you to the basement and go in the direction of Stellar Place (south).
    After passing Stellar Place, you can see the entrance of the bus terminal and Esta.
    Turn left and go through the Esta shopping street. (pass a drugstore called Kokumin.)
    When you come to Dotor (coffee shop), turn right.
    If you go over Chihoku (Soba restaurant) and take the escalator to the basement, you will find the ticket gate of Toho Line.
    If you look at the map of the basement floor of Esta, it goes from the upper left to the lower right.

    Sapporo Station Website

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    From Gakuenmae Station(H10), Toho Line to YH

    Take the Subway Toho Line for Fukuzumi from Sapporo Station (H07) and the third station is Gakuenmae Station (H 10).
    It takes 6 minutes and costs 210 yen. Also, the subway runs every 5 minutes, so you don’t need to check the time.
    A convenient link for those who want to check just in case → Sapporo ekibus navi – Public transportation information around Sapporo –
    Please go out from exit 2 for the ticket gate in front of Gakuen.
    When you get out of the ticket gate, there is a map in front of you, so it is safe to check the location of YH.
    If you go out exit 2 and turn around, there’s an 11-story building at the back of the bike shed.
    Yes, there is. The four-story building hidden behind is YH.
    Photo from a subway station
    Instruction capeter with photos from JR Sapporo Station to YH